I’ve been seeing something in men that makes them quiver at the sight of any remotely hot woman – the old “forget it she’s just out of my league” statement.

I’m here to say it’s a bunch of bullshit!

For starters this mentality will result in failure 100% of the time. Why are you going to count yourself out even before the bell rings? All this does is add to your dating frustration and contribute to a negative / jaded outlook.

You must see yourself as the prize no matter what and to be frank not give a FUCK what other people think – least of all what she thinks! If you portray that type of attitude in your approach trust me you will be disqualified.

Take it from me I used to do this and I was consistently disappointed. Women aren’t goddesses and they sure aren’t perfect.

That type of mentality is nothing more than low self confidence and you must change your thinking from ‘she is a goddess’ to she’d be lucky to date a guy like myself.

Is this arrogance? No – I would have to disagree with that assumption. I by no means suggesting to treat women like crap. Trust, Honesty and Respect are virtues I value in life as you should as well.

The only women that are out of your league are those women that are married. Any other single woman is fair game in my book. The nest time you see a hot woman don’t put her on a pedestal and think she’s out of your league.

Approach her – besides what else to you really have to lose?

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