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I want to start off with an apology….

I know this month I have lagged on my postings and my trip to Utah didn’t help. My aim is to be in front of you helping you get better with women. Truth is that I’m behind and that’s not my intention – there is no excuse for being lazy.

Sorry for not keeping to my schedule.

Okay let start with some more tips on texting women.

From my last posting I got several emails asking about some more tips when texting women. Look it’s not that difficult all you have to do really is a couple of things – keep it fun and avoid boring texts.

If there is anything I noticed in particular with young women they LOVE TO TEXT – so much so it’s sickening. I see it all day long with the girls I work with. It’s amazing it seems they get paid to text their girlfriends and boyfriends.

Just think about it for a second, information is disseminated in so many ways now we don’t even have to talk to that person on the phone – texting is an option. The best part about texting is that you can use it to flirt with women and set up dates.

WARNING: There is one catch; you have to refine your texting skills with women because texting women like the average Joe will get you no where.

So what is the secret in texting women? Bantering or flirting with women in a fun playful way. The best thing it’s 10x better than emailing her since it can takes hours even days before she checks it.

My rules or texting women:

I’m a big fan of pet names – sweetie, cuties sugar pie, darling, brat (I use darling the most).
Many times I’ll use 🙂 smiley faces.
I always try to make her smile with my texts – being too serious will not get you anywhere.
Don’t be afraid to flirt with her!
Final note – you can pretty much text her when ever. I like to mass text an invite to meet up after work for drinks to several women and wait for a response. When I do get one to respond all I do it respond back and set up the meet.

Here are just some tips to use when texting women – they also come in handy for those women you don’t get to see very often.

Enjoy and keep on keepin on! login
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